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Introducing the Work of St.Paul's Parochial Caritas

The parish of St. Paul, at 23 Filonos Street, Piraeus, is present for 180 years (its construction was completed in December 1839) is one of the first religious monuments in the city, proving the vibrant Catholic community in the mid-19th century, at the country's largest port.

Along with the three Orthodox churches, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (completed in 1841-1845 but destroyed during the bombardment of the city by Allied planes, in 1944), Saint Nicholas (inaugurated in 1844) and Saint Spyridon (built in 1868-1875 on the foundations of the old monastery of the 11th-12th century, which was destroyed in 1835), they are considered to be part of the oldest places of worship built on the sea front.

The original idea of the Reverend Constantine Sargologos, general conservator and senior of the parish of Athens to establish a church in Piraeus, was materialized with the help of the first Austrian ambassador to liberated Greece, Anton Prokesch von Osten, who was motivated to raise the necessary funds amongst his compatriots.

The first construction plans were made in 1838 by the German architect Eduard Schaubert (Government technical consultant, based in 19th-century Greece, designing the urban plan of Athens, Piraeus and Eretria). Small scale modifications were later made by Danish Theophil von Hansen, with his colleague C. Lorenzen, while they were overseeing its construction on a plot of land donated by faithful donors.

The inauguration took place in 1840, while the 180th anniversary celebration is scheduled for Surdatay, November 21, 2020.

The parochial Caritas operates under the supervision and guidance of the parish priest, fr. Ioannis Patsis, Vice President & Director of Caritas Athens and a group of volunteer parishioners who offer their services in different areas of action.

In the context of social and charity support for our needy fellow human beings, it helps them with financial support and basic necessities, trying to respond to emergencies as they arise, while visiting solitary patients and those in need of love and communication, and organizes meetings open to all ages, in the parish hall and concerts in the Church, for entertainment.

From Saturday 23 March 2019 the Listening & Counseling Center operates with the support of the scientific staff of the Caritas Athens Help Center and the coordination of trained volunteers who welcome parishioners, as well as the general public, regardless of religion, ethnicity, nationality facing difficulties and concerns, of a practical, bureaucratic and psychological nature. The coordinators listen carefully to each individual and then undertake to direct them responsibly to the correct service, depending on their request, supporting them during this process.

From St. Paul's Parish

Caritas Athens is a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) which has been recognized as such by the state, and is a member of Caritas Hellas (a branch of Caritas Europa and of Caritas Internationalis, the philanthropic organizations of the Catholic Church, which play an active role in over 165 countries worldwide)

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