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Current Programs

Participation & Implementation of National, European and International Programs in cooporation with the Network of Caritas Internationalis, Public Benefit Foundations & Organizations

Project participation is considered a catalyst, in view of broader co-operations to further enhance the efficiency of the Organization’s work, to improve its services and to achieve consistent participation at the forefront of national, European and international initiatives.

Caritas Athens is currently running and participating in projects, as follows:


Duration: April 2016 – December 2019

Donor: Caritas Italiana

Development of Listening Centers at the parishes of the Diocese of Athens in cooperation with the parochial Caritas.

Sessions of psychosocial support are provided at the Center with possible referrals, if necessary, as well as job counseling and programs of creative employment for psychological relief and social integration.

It is addressed to parishioners, refugees and migrants, by appointment.


Duration: until 31/12/2019

Donor: Municipality of Athens

Distribution of food to families in need by the Municipality of Athens. In parallel, the same beneficiaries attend counselling sessions, in the framework of the Social Partnership “Athens: Capital of Solidarity”, funded by the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) in which Caritas Athens participates as a partner.


Duration: August 2016 – December 2019

Donor: Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Accommodation in 147 apartments, psychosocial support and social integration activities, monthly financial support for covering the needs for food and transport, as well as clothing are provided to more than 810 refugees (members of nuclear or single parent families), who have been referred to us by UNHCR.


Duration: July 2017 – January 2020

Donor: Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Supporting adult beneficiaries, housed in Caritas Athens shelters, aiming at their social inclusion and economic self-sufficiency through a range of activities such as: intensive Greek language courses, work readiness seminars and familiarization with relevant European environments, employer communication tools (resume writing), recruiting employers and support throughout the interview and recruitment process, English & computer lessons, dramtherapy and fitness classes, as well as children with remedial teaching lessons, English and German language, computers, music, dramatic play and create objects with recyclable materials.

Young and old refugees have free access to the library with editions in five languages ​​(Arabic, Farsi, Greek, English and French).

Various events and educational visits are often organized to help refugees get to know the history, culture, customs of their host city.

REFUGEE COACHING: “From now on … .What?”

Initiation: November 2017

Οffered by volunteer coaches - members of the Hellenic Institute of Coaching Greece & Cyprus

Personal empowerment sessions to support adult beneficiaries, in order to discover / accomplish their goals, through thoughtful steps to start a new life, either in our country or in a country of relocation.


Donor: Caritas Hellas / LDS Charities

Greeks, migrants and refugees (asylum seekers or waiting for relocation to another EU country) are provided with solidarity, support, personal empowerment, respect, smile, advice, food, clothing and all necessities at the sector “Refugee Program” of Caritas Athens (Kapodistriou 52, Vathi square).

More than 500 people are served daily, except Saturdays and Sundays, thanks to the donors and to the enormous support of about 140 volunteers (including psychologists, international law lawyers, students from Catholic schools, students from private universities from Greece and abroad and people with deep feeling of solidarity):

  • 550 hot meals per day are provided to adults and children

In 2018, 116.692 portions of meal were served. 

  • 25 people per day use the shower facilities

In 2018, 5075 persons used the shower facilities 

  • 150 people per week receive clothing, bed linen and necessities

In 2018, we supported 6.522 people

  • Parents are informed on taking care of children, while necessities for minors are provided

In 2018, we provided fresh and dried milk for babies to 737 families

  • 20 people per day receive psychosocial and counseling support at the Help Center
  • 5 people per week take part in psychotherapy
  • Adult refugees are informed on social issues as well as legal issues (relevant to the Greek and other EU states law, when waiting for relocation) & hygiene issues.

In 2018, 4.935 persons talked to our Social Services employees. 

  • Adult refugees attend Modern Greek and English language courses

In 2018, 32 persons completed a full course cycle

  • Children play creatively in a children friendly space

In 2018, 224 minors enjoyed playing and other activities.


Duration: until December 2020

Donor: Western Union

Monthly vouchers for super markets are provided for the relief of our fellow humans who are in need.


Duration: January 2017-

Donor: Caritas Andria

Financial and counselling support to young people who wish to start a new business.


Duration: until April 2020

Donor: Catholic Relief Services

Distribution of monthly financial aid to refugees and asylum seekers who reside in the camps of Skaramangas and Thessalia.


Donor: Catholic Relief Services

Purchasing of first aid items, such as: bath towels, single sheets and pillowcases, blankets, shoes and slippers, to be distributed to inmates of the penitentiaries of Koridallos, Thiva and Patras that are visited by our priests and volunteers.


Duration: August 2019 – November 2020

Donor: Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

It is aimed at recognized refugees, offering Greek lessons, assistance with their vocational rehabilitation, support in finding accommodation for their independent living and rent subsidy for the first months.

Caritas Athens is a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) which has been recognized as such by the state, and is a member of Caritas Hellas (a branch of Caritas Europa and of Caritas Internationalis, the philanthropic organizations of the Catholic Church, which play an active role in over 165 countries worldwide)

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