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"After the rain, comes the good weather" says a French proverb! A fact that was confirmed by the excellent weather conditions that prevailed the morning after the rainstorm and accompanied the excursionists of the Third Age sector of Caritas Athens ... marching "in the footsteps of Hercules & Winegrowing" to cut the traditional New Year's Cake on Saturday 26th January!

Forty-five people, six of whom reside in the Nursing Home "Kalos Samaritis" (accompanied by the new director Mr. Andrew Merritt and two carers) traveled originally to Corinth where they attended the Mass at the church of Apostle Paul, which was celebrated by the Archbishop of Athens Catholics and President of the Organization, fr. Sevastianos Rossolatos, and St. George's parish priest f. José Ikongo.

They then went to the archaeological site of Ancient Nemea, a well-known city of antiquity, mainly due to the mythical lion killed by Hercules, where, with the help of the tour guide Mr. Emilios Panousopoulos, they had the chance to see the famous treasures of Aidonia, the main exhibits of the Archaeological Museum (the collection of pottery and jewelry from the largest complex of Mycenaean tombs in Greece, in the homonymous village), the imposing temple of Nemean Zeus and the Ancient Stadium, which is considered the most well-preserved of the ancient world and emerged from the excavations by Professor of Archeology at the University of Berkley, Mr. Stephen Miller, which lasted 17 years (1974-1991)!

The revival of the Pan-Hellenic Nemean Games, 2.300 years after they were initiated (573 BC), began in the summer of 1996. It is considered a worldwide sporting event, which takes place every four years and attempts to restore a connection of today with the ancient Greek athletic ideal.

So far, over 1,800 people from 45 countries, aged 5 to ... 97, regardless of gender, nationality, religion and performance, free from the stress of being first or the distinction, participate as athletes, feeling the sense of fellowship of peoples and people, as well as the grandeur of noble rivalry.

The third stop of the excursion was at the well-known "Palyvos Estate" winery for getting acquainted with one of the two largest vineyards in the Corinthian wine belt and wine tasting, such as the most important Greek red variety, Agiorgitiko, which has won "Designation of Origin »!

Upon completion of the visit, the participants headed to the center of Nemea in one of the restaurants at Heroes Square, "Magda's Traditional Cuisine", for lunch, enjoying a rich variety of local delicacies and local wine. The New Year’s cake was blessed by the President of Caritas Athens, Archbishop of Athens Catholics, fr. Sevastianos Rossolatos.

Lucky of the year, winning the flurry, Mrs. Pli, from "Kalos Samaritis" proved to be the lucky one, winning the lucky coin and receiving a symbolic gift from the members of the Organization’s Board, Ms. Helen Carabott, responsible for Third Age, Communication & Public Relations and Ms. Elizabeth Ioustinianou-Merritt, Secretary.

The mascot of the excursion proved to be the ... 11-year-old Sophia, who accompanied her grandmother and who, with the clever questions she raised throughout the tour and the interest she showed for the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum, impressed all the participants!

Caritas Athens is a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) which has been recognized as such by the state, and is a member of Caritas Hellas (a branch of Caritas Europa and of Caritas Internationalis, the philanthropic organizations of the Catholic Church, which play an active role in over 165 countries worldwide)

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